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Pipeline: li-tcp-syslog-events-to-prod-env

            name = "tcp-syslog-events"   &        group = "group-prod-env"
    --> *dm:filter
            env is not 'DEV'
    --> *dm:filter
            syslog_severity does not contain 'DEBUG'
            syslog_severity does not contain 'INFO'
    --> @dm:skip-block-if-shape
    --> @rn:write-stats-to-stream
            name = "log-intel-stats" &
            groupby = "env,syslog_severity" &
            type = "syslog-tcp" &
            mode = "output"
    --> @splunkv2:add-to-index
            index='prod_petclinic_logs' & create = 'True'

Extensions used in this Pipeline

Source Name Extension Type
rn rn
splunkv2 splunk_v2

Artifacts used in this Pipeline

Artifact Type Artifact Name Access
rda-network-stream tcp-syslog-events read
rda-network-stream log-intel-stats write

Bots used in this Pipeline

@rn:read-stream *dm:filter @dm:skip-block-if-shape @rn:write-stats-to-stream @splunkv2:add-to-index