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Synthetic Data Field Types

Following bot provides synthetic data generation capability:

Example usage

        row_count = 1000 &
        email_addresss = "email" &
        date_of_birth = "past_date"

In this example pipeline:

  • row_count: Is number of rows that should be generated in the output
  • email_address: Column to be included in the output with values of field_type email
  • date_of_birth: Column to be included in the output with values of field_type past_date

Supported Field Types

field_type sample_value
address 494 Brenda Villages Brettburgh, IN 87564
administrative_unit Idaho
am_pm PM
android_platform_token Android 2.3.2
bban ZFJV29267211105176
binary b'\x01}c\xc9\x04\x13\x94y\x94\xa9\xd5\xec\x15\xbd\x96\x9e*1\xf6"<K\x9d\xdd\xd9?C ...
boolean True
bothify 83 Hl
bs evolve end-to-end e-business
building_number 212
catch_phrase Synergized hybrid superstructure
century IV
chrome Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU iPad OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/531.0 (KHTML, li ...
city Lake Robert
city_prefix East
city_suffix view
color #a591d8
color_name Aquamarine
company Boyer Group
company_suffix Group
coordinate -102.118406
country Venezuela
country_calling_code +230
country_code CG
credit_card_expire 04/25
credit_card_full Discover Gary Brown 6011575748310492 07/27 CVC: 553
credit_card_number 4069649843189914675
credit_card_provider JCB 16 digit
credit_card_security_code 268
cryptocurrency ('USDT', 'Tether')
cryptocurrency_code NMC
cryptocurrency_name Cardano
csv "Matthew Jenkins","574 Bennett Turnpike Port Stacey, ND 32136" "Jeanette Wilson ...
currency ('LAK', 'Lao kip')
currency_code BIF
currency_name Indonesian rupiah
currency_symbol $
current_country United States
current_country_code US
date 2014-08-05
date_object 2012-05-26
date_of_birth 1963-06-14
date_this_century 2012-07-28
date_this_decade 2020-09-18
date_this_month 2022-05-01
date_this_year 2022-02-19
date_time 2019-10-16 10:51:23
date_time_ad 0748-12-23 23:33:42
date_time_this_century 2009-06-12 17:20:53
date_time_this_decade 2022-04-11 02:35:59
date_time_this_month 2022-05-03 09:22:29
date_time_this_year 2022-03-02 11:34:17
day_of_month 12
day_of_week Tuesday
domain_word rivera
dsv "Samantha Roman","60051 Serrano Track Suite 175 Bishopside, NJ 57655" "John Pow ...
ean 2248201475151
ean13 4011383164575
ean8 27455357
ein 92-9197908
file_extension avi
file_name life.js
file_path /different/discover.xlsx
firefox Mozilla/5.0 (Android 3.2; Mobile; rv:27.0) Gecko/27.0 Firefox/27.0
first_name Gregory
first_name_female Debra
first_name_male Jason
fixed_width Chase Brown 1 Michael King 14 Sarah Spencer MD 16 Maxwell ...
future_date 2022-05-09
future_datetime 2022-05-08 22:33:19
hex_color #ddcac7
hexify 3dff
http_method GET
iban GB24ABAS81675798900946
internet_explorer Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows NT 6.0; Trident/4.0)
invalid_ssn 209-00-4355
ios_platform_token iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 14_2 like Mac OS X
ipv4_network_class b
ipv6 8b3:e14d:7c69:2698:5c69:ce0c:eb66:e751
isbn10 1-277-25738-8
isbn13 978-1-03-694638-8
iso8601 1987-08-11T01:25:44
itin 999-97-1978
job Designer, jewellery
json [{"name": "David Tucker", "residency": "17419 Valencia Turnpike Suite 986\nSouth ...
language_code gez
language_name Albanian
last_name Williams
last_name_female Scott
last_name_male Allison
latitude 58.897671
latlng (Decimal('-46.5174805'), Decimal('45.022490'))
lexify cTps
license_plate 541 ALT
linux_platform_token X11; Linux i686
linux_processor x86_64
local_latlng ('38.17492', '-122.2608', 'American Canyon', 'US', 'America/Los_Angeles')
locale ayc_PE
localized_ean 0385099767899
localized_ean13 0348165764819
localized_ean8 07109805
location_on_land ('53.16167', '6.76111', 'Hoogezand', 'NL', 'Europe/Amsterdam')
longitude 104.375295
mac_address f3:e1:15:5c:56:67
mac_platform_token Macintosh; PPC Mac OS X 10 12_8
mac_processor Intel
md5 c22f211c2ff82a3f4e07ae58f0d53552
mime_type image/gif
month 10
month_name May
msisdn 0740423120625
name Dana Parrish
name_female Kelly Costa
name_male Nathan Mccoy
null_boolean False
numerify 894
opera Opera/9.85.(Windows NT 6.0; nan-TW) Presto/2.9.171 Version/11.00
paragraph Ground movement necessary. Give meeting manage season officer. Avoid pick type c ...
paragraphs ['Whom approach look role bring. Country customer science TV. Most amount miss p ...
password bsSgVVpl(3
past_date 2022-04-21
past_datetime 2022-05-02 04:02:32
phone_number 656-856-4162
port_number 61894
postalcode 45583
postalcode_plus4 93504-2666
postcode 38401
prefix Dr.
pricetag $6,402.98
profile {'job': 'Public house manager', 'company': 'Drake, Bridges and Ellis', 'ssn': '1 ...
psv "Jean Stone"|"74461 Moore Route New Adamland, WY 56875" "Taylor Page"|"2734 Hug ...
bool True
decimal 93169931345566.6
dict {'power': 'oEywpAQLhzqDhbhoYFmN', 'hard': 1642, 'coach': 1985, 'unit': 'xZscMoPG ...
float -745343973880.74
int 6291
list [4158, datetime.datetime(1984, 9, 19, 0, 9, 57), 5461, 'ylIBCQRTKOTgJMvnSaXB', ' ...
set {'EbJUjOzmSrgwtBQqduPH', '', 'qiOOKZWDdNTaMxCeQuOf', ...
str oJiXQGUFgrkApseeSTSA
random_choices ['c', 'a', 'a']
random_digit 0
random_digit_not_null 5
random_element a
random_elements ['c', 'a']
random_int 2249
random_letter i
random_letters ['O', 'y', 'H', 'j', 't', 'T', 'G', 'R', 'H', 'o', 'f', 'm', 'W', 'c', 'I', 'q']
random_lowercase_letter a
random_number 2200
random_sample ['a', 'c', 'b']
random_uppercase_letter R
randomize_nb_elements 11
rgb_color 79,94,5
rgb_css_color rgb(158,115,182)
safari Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10 6_5 rv:4.0; sk-SK) AppleWebKit/535. ...
safe_color_name fuchsia
safe_hex_color #440011
secondary_address Suite 927
sentence Billion process represent avoid training behavior.
sentences ['Scene difficult decide north establish.', 'Page while identify.', 'Form oil si ...
sha1 b5a60b804ab7ac714e09b4842a0bfbed51ce8536
sha256 8179cdbabcc896f86b09c4d410fbcef6d55d9ebd447fbb2a4c596823c5ad5c92
simple_profile {'username': 'nmyers', 'name': 'Heather White', 'sex': 'F', 'address': '4533 Mor ...
slug security-suffer
ssn 864-67-8162
state Virginia
state_abbr AR
street_address 7430 Murphy Junction
street_name Williams Isle
street_suffix Village
suffix MD
text Not board scientist court smile need can manage. Product rock among increase fee ...
texts ['Find summer drug entire. Research avoid center how development. When ability p ...
time 07:34:22
time_delta 0:00:00
time_object 18:12:01
timezone Africa/Nairobi
tld net
tsv "Anne Pope" "71926 Kevin Burgs Hayeston, AK 83779" "Carl Ramirez" "91261 Philli ...
unix_device /dev/xvdz
unix_partition /dev/sda1
unix_time 264888510
upc_a 832877102279
upc_e 04554653
uri_extension .php
uri_page post
uri_path app/wp-content/categories
user_agent Opera/9.39.(Windows NT 6.1; lb-LU) Presto/2.9.165 Version/12.00
user_name jonwilliams
uuid4 86fec95d-9ca8-4bb9-8299-5b61684265c9
windows_platform_token Windows NT 5.2
word college
words ['whether', 'ago', 'write']
year 1986
zipcode 41241
zipcode_plus4 12414-7642