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Bots From Extension: sendgrid

Send Emails using Sendgrid Service

This extension provides 1 bot.

Bot @sendgrid:send-email

Bot Position In Pipeline: Sink

Send one email message for each row of input

This bot expects a Restricted CFXQL.

Each parameter may be specified using '=' operator and AND logical operation
Following are the parameters expected for this Bot

Parameter Name Type Default Value Description
to* Text Comma separated list of email adddresses
from* Text Sender email address
from_name Text Sender full name
reply_to Text Email address for the Reply-To field
reply_to_name Text Reply to full name
subject_column Text subject Column in input dataframe to expect email subject
body_column Text body Column in input dataframe to expect body contents
content_type Text text/html Content of the Email body
status_column Text status Column in output dataframe to store email send status