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Welcome to RDA Fabric Documentation

This site hosts set of curated documents and set of automatically generated documentation about Robotic Data Automation Fabric bots.

Last updated 2024-04-11, 20:29:29 Pacific Time

Bot Catalog



Browse Bots by Extension Name

Extension List Number of Extensions
RDA Extension List: A to B 19
RDA Extension List: C 30
RDA Extension List: D to E 21
RDA Extension List: F to K 26
RDA Extension List: L to N 18
RDA Extension List: O to S 35
RDA Extension List: T to Z 15

Explore Example Pipelines

Pipeline Extensions Used
aws-dependency-mapper exec | control
aws-dependency-mapper-inner-pipeline aws_v2 | cfxdm | control
dli-generate-synthetic-syslogs cfxdm | control | rn
dli-process-synthetic-syslogs cfxdm | control | rn
ebonding-servicenow-to-stream-v2 servicenow_v2 | cfxdm | control | rn
ebonding-stream-to-elasticsearch-kibana-v2 elasticsearch_v2 | rn
ebonding-stream-to-email cfxdm | rn | email_sender
ebonding-stream-to-pagerduty cfxdm | rn | restclient
ebonding-stream-to-slack cfxdm | rn | slack
ebonding-stream-to-twilio-sms-v2 cfxdm | rn | restclient
li-filebeat-events-to-prod-env splunk_v2 | cfxdm | rn
li-http-events-to-prod-env splunk_v2 | cfxdm | rn
li-replay-logs-to-dev-env elasticsearch_v2 | cfxdm | rn
li-stream-tcp-syslogs cfxdm | control | rn
li-tcp-syslog-events-to-dev-env elasticsearch_v2 | cfxdm | rn
li-tcp-syslog-events-to-prod-env splunk_v2 | cfxdm | rn
li-udp-syslog-events-to-prod-env splunk_v2 | cfxdm | rn
li-windows-events-to-prod-env splunk_v2 | cfxdm | rn
sample-cato-networks-graphql cfxdm | graphql
sample-ecommerce-analytics cfxdm | control
sample-formatting-template-example cfxdm
sample-grok-test cfxdm
sample-incident-analytics cfxai_nlp | cfxdm | control | file
sample-incident-clustering cfxdm | control | cfxai_clustering
sample-ml-classification-prediction cfxdm | control | cfxai_classification
sample-mondaydotcom-graphql cfxdm | graphql
sample-nlp-example cfxai_nlp | cfxdm
sample-vm-analytics cfxdm | control
sample-vrops-alert-analytics cfxdm | control

Explore Example Datasets

Following are the datasets that are used by some of the example pipelines. Data for these datasets can be accessed from an RDA pipeline using @files:loadfile bot.

Explore Example Formatting-Templates

RDA uses Jinja2 Templating Engine to format data to make it suitable for REST Endpoints, HTML Reports sent via email, and many other formats as needed by various integration endpoints.

Following are the list of formatting templates that are used by some of the example pipelines.

Formatting templates are consumed by Bots @dm:apply-template-by-row and @dm:apply-template-all-rows