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Bots From Extension: network_device

Run commands on Network Devices and parse using the provided TextFSM templates

This extension provides 1 bot.

Bot @network_device:run-commands

Bot Position In Pipeline: Sink

Runs the provided commands on the network device.

This bot expects a Restricted CFXQL.

Each parameter may be specified using '=' operator and AND logical operation
Following are the parameters expected for this Bot

Parameter Name Type Default Value Description
ip_column_name* Text Column Name in input dataset which contains ip addresses. This column name will also be used
for looking up ip in device_details_dataset
profile_dataset_name* Text Profile dataset that contains profile_name, command, textfsm_content, textfsm_url. device_type
can also be specified in the dataset, if not provided, bot will try to guess the device type.
devices_details_dataset Text Dataset that contains the details of the device to apply the jinja condition on. Condition
is taken from 'condition_column_name' in profile dataset.
condition_column_name Text condition Column Name in profile dataset which contains the jinja condition to apply from device_details_dataset.
By default, no condition is applied
return_type Text dataset Returns the response as dataset or writes to a pstream. expects 'dataset' or 'pstream'.
pstream_name Text Name of the pstream to write. Must be provided if return_type is pstream
connect_timeout Text 30 Connection Timeout
cli_timeout Text 30 CLI Timeout
concurrent_discovery Text 10 Number of concurrent jobs to run
profile_column_name Text profiles Column name in input where the collection profiles are given. This bot will go through each
collection profile in this list and collect the data. The profile names should be present in
the dataset 'profile_dataset_name'
return_raw Text no Include raw response in the dataset
credentials_regex_column Text Column name in input dataset that contains comma-separated credentials regex to try the IPs
on. Must be of type network_device
skip_tcp_check Text no Skip TCP verification. Enable for devices that take long time to connect