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Bots From Extension: httpclient

HTTP Client - Read data using HTTP(s) Client

This extension provides 1 bot.

Bot @httpclient:read

Bot Position In Pipeline: Sink

Read data using HTTP Client

This bot expects a Restricted CFXQL.

Each parameter may be specified using '=' operator and AND logical operation
Following are the parameters expected for this Bot

Parameter Name Type Default Value Description
use_session Text Name of the previously saved session in this pipeline
save_session Text Name of session that needs to be stored in the context of current pipeline

This is a data sink which expects the following input parameters to be passed via input dataframe.

Input Dataframe Column Name Type Default Value Description
url* Text The URL for getting the data
verify Text yes Whether to verify certificate of not
method Text GET The HTTP Method (GET, POST, PUT)
encoding Text json The encoding (json, urlencode) for the request
payload Text The payload for the request
headers Text The HTTP Headers for the request
username Text The HTTP Authetication User Name
password Text The HTTP Authetication Password

Example usage:

    --> @dm:addrow url=''
    --> @httpclient:read