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Bots From Extension: aiaexpress

CloudFabrix AIA Express

This extension provides 1 bot.

Bot @aiaexpress:aiaexpress

Bot Position In Pipeline: Source

Load the file using filename and pipeline type parameters

This bot expects a Restricted CFXQL.

Each parameter may be specified using '=' operator and AND logical operation
Following are the parameters expected for this Bot

Parameter Name Type Default Value Description
filename* Text File location for edge collector zip file
pipeline_type Text Software Pipeline type is either Software or Network. If not specified, it will be Software by default.
output_data_type Text SW Assets Output data type for 'Software' pipeline can be one of the following : SW Assets, SW Components,
HW Components, NW Components. If not specified, it will be 'SW Assets' by default. No need
to specify it for 'Network' pipeline
output_data_prefix Text aiaexpress Prefix for output datasets. Four output datasets are saved - sw-assets, sw-components, hw-components,