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Pipeline: ebonding-stream-to-slack

## read incidents from stream
            name = "snow-incidents" &
            group = "group-slack"
    ## format text per Slack formatting guidelines
    --> @dm:apply-template-by-row
            template_name="Incident Slack Template" &
            output_col = "message"
    --> @dm:eval
            channel = "'#test_cfxdx_slack'"
    ## post message to Slack channel
    --> @slack:post-message-to-channel
            as_user = "RDA"
    ## update stats
    --> @rn:write-stats-to-stream
            name = "ebonding-analytics" &
            type = "Slack"

Extensions used in this Pipeline

Source Name Extension Type
rn rn
slack slack

Artifacts used in this Pipeline

Artifact Type Artifact Name Access
rda-network-stream snow-incidents read
formatting-template Incident Slack Template read
rda-network-stream ebonding-analytics write

Bots used in this Pipeline

@rn:read-stream @dm:apply-template-by-row @dm:eval @slack:post-message-to-channel @rn:write-stats-to-stream