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Bots From Extension: ssh_v2

SSH - Connect and Execute commands on SSH Nodes

This extension provides 1 bot.

Bot @sshv2:execute

Bot Position In Pipeline: Sink

Execute the command on the ssh nodes.

This bot expects a Restricted CFXQL.

Each parameter may be specified using '=' operator and AND logical operation
Following are the parameters expected for this Bot

Parameter Name Type Default Value Description
command* Text Command to run on the IP Addresses
column_name* Text Column name which contain one or more ip addresses. Supported ip address(s) format example:, or or or all of these
ip formats as comma separated values.
connect_timeout Text 30 Connection Timeout
cli_timeout Text 30 CLI Timeout
concurrent_discovery Text 10 Number of concurrent jobs to run
secret_names Text comma separated list of secrets from the vault. If not provided, all secrets of type 'ssh-cred'
will be tried until connection is established.
return_type Text dataset Returns the response as dataset or writes to a pstream. expects 'dataset' or 'pstream'.
pstream_name Text Name of the pstream to write. Must be provided if return_type is pstream
use_last_successful_cred Text yes Look for the last successful secret in the pstream_name and use that first during collection.
pstream should have 'target_ip', 'collection_status' and 'secret' columns.
disable_socket_check Text no Disable socket check. yes/no