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RDA Playground

To help with Robotic Data Automation Fabric (RDAF) learning, a free Playground is provided. This playground can be used to try few simple RDA Pipelines.

Launch RDA Playground

Some of the example pipelines throughout this document will have Try this in RDA Playground link. You can use that to run that specific example in playground.

Playground Restrictions

RDA Playgrounds have several restrictions. If you need full featured access to RDA Studio or RDA Portal, Signup here

  • Limited set of bots: Playgrounds typically configured with 180 to 200 bots. Total bots available in RDA is over 800.
  • Each pipeline may run for a maximum of 1 minute. After that, that specific job is evicted.
  • Each pipeline may contain a maximum of 100 bots.
  • Traces and related data is only retained up to 5 minutes.
  • All saved datasets are purged once a day.
  • File bots are restricted to read data from http:// or https:// URLs only. No option to save the data locally on the workers or read data from local files on workers.